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From a recent art show a customer hired me to do a commission. We had decided on an offshore catch of Yellowtail Snapper, Mangrove Snapper, and Grouper. After explaining to my customer to do the mural the way I had invisioned it, I would need to procure a bigger grouper. Paul called me and told me to hold up, he said he booked a local charter with Capt. Rob. Roberts running the charterboat "Tightlines".This is the the rusults of our trip. Eight diferent species, all fish caught where targeted species and mostly legal catches. What about the ones that got away!

Sarasota Offshore Slam
The Catch
More Catch
The print

Printing 2
Printing grouper
Marie's fish

Fish Deep Or Stay Home
First Stop
Frank"s Gyotaku
Last Spot

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